Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shoulder arthroplasty for arthritis: rehabilitation: the traction three

Our patients have taught us that three additional exercises are useful in the recovery from a shoulder arthroplasty after the first six weeks. Each of these involves applying a gentle pull or traction on the joint, thus we've called them the 'traction three'.  Again, it is important to avoid any exercise that causes pain or that does not feel right. Each exercises is done smoothly and gently.

The first is the gravity swing in which a light weight is held in the hand. The shoulder is relaxed while the arm swings gently back and forth and around in smooth circles.

The second is the gentle row, where the legs and back provide the push while the hands hold onto the bar.

The third is the lat pull with a light weight. Allow the weight to pull up on the arms and relax. Then pull smoothly down so that the bar passes in front of the face.


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