Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ream and run - recent communications from patients

One of the nice things about the community of individuals is their willingness to keep in touch. Here are a few messages we've received over the past week that we thought we'd share with you.
I hope you’re having a good summer! I still owe you a video of me pitching batting practice, I’ll try and do that this fall. My shoulders continue to do GREAT! [Ream and run surgery dates 2007 and 2010]

Also – I’m participating in a fund raiser for the Wounded Warrior project called – The Tough Mudder. There is one section of the course where they have some electrical shocks: -- see obstacle 28, bottom of the link.

I’m sure I’m not the only person with metal in my body that has done this, so I think I’m probably ok – but wanted to check with you.


I was a patient of yours back in April of 2005. At that time you did a "ream and run" procedure on my right shoulder which allowed me to continue with the numerous outdoor activities that I enjoy pursuing. My number one activity is shotgun shooting (both hunting and competitive clay target shooting). I also do a lot of fishing, wildlife photography and retriever dog training. Thanks to the procedure you performed, I've been able to continue doing these activities on a daily basis.

I'm 67 years old, and now my left shoulder is causing me a considerable amount of pain. I'm under Dr. x's care here in California, and after seeing him a number of times over the years (ever since my surgery with you), he has recommended that I email you and request having replacement surgery on my left shoulder.

My big problem is that the hunting season starts on September 1st here in California, and continues until the end of January. If I can deal with the current level of pain, I'd really like to plan on having replacement (or "ream and run") surgery done at the end of January or the first part of February. If I find that I cannot handle this level of discomfort, I would like to call your office and possibly schedule my visit for an earlier date.


I am so very happy with the ream and run on my left shoulder! [Surgery date December 2010] I have not experienced any limitations.

Unfortunately, the condition of my right shoulder has deteriorated and I am experiencing pain of 8-9 on a 1-10 scale. My current symptoms and pain level are the same as they were on my left shoulder just before my surgery.

Must I get a referral again to see you, or can I just call your office for an appointment.


We decided at the last moment that I would try to break bricks for the first time since my surgery [Surgery date November 2011]. When I was a youth pastor I used to do all kinds of power team stunts and since those days will break a stack of bricks for some event every couple years. It had easily been two years since I had tried this. Adding in the fact that my shoulder had just been replaced increased the tension. I’m not sure how many of Dr. Matsen’s patients have broke a stack a bricks with a surgically repaired arm. I bet I am the first.

Please note: this was NOT part of our prescribed rehabilitation program!~


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