Friday, December 28, 2012

Resection arthroplasty

Resection arthroplasty for failed shoulder arthroplasty

This is a Level IV  review of 26 patients who underwent resection arthroplasty  at a mean follow-up of 41.8 months (range, 12-130 months) after a prior shoulder arthroplasty (total shoulder, hemiarthroplasty or reverse total shoulder). The procedures were performed at 5 different centers. The number of patients having resection arthroplasty at these centers but who were not available for follow-up is not known.

 At follow-up, the average VAS pain score was  3.2 ± 2.5 (0-10), the average Constant Score (for 21 of the shoulders) was  27.3 ± 12.5 (3-53), and the average forward elevation was 46.7 ±  29.1 degrees (0-100).

The most impressive aspect of this series was that 22 of the 26 resection arthroplasties were for arthroplasties that had become infected. The organisms responsible for the infections were not identified. Infection was not identified in the remaining four, however the protocol for culturing the shoulders was not explained. 

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