Friday, December 21, 2012

Stemless shoulder prosthesis versus conventional anatomic shoulder prosthesis in patients with osteoarthritis

This is a very well done study - a rare randomized controlled trial comparing two different implant systems - one with a stemless humeral component
and another with a stemmed implant
The authors were careful in their assignment of patients and in their evaluation of the results. 

With 41 patients in each group, the authors found no significant difference in the Constant scores of the groups treated with the stemless shoulder prosthesis (65.0 ± 11.0 points) and the stemmed shoulder prosthesis (73.2 ± 11.3 points; P = 0.162) at an average followup of over two years. Estimated blood loss and the mean operative time were significantly lower in the group with the stemless shoulder prosthesis.


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