Saturday, January 26, 2013

High blood pressure and rotator cuff tear

The association between arterial hypertension and rotator cuff tear: the influence on rotator cuff tear sizes

These authors found that hypertensive individuals were 2 times more likely to experience a large rotator cuff tear and 4 times more likely to experience massive tear than normotensive individuals. Mean duration of antihypertensive therapy significantly increased from small tear (1.08 years) to large tear (3.20 years) to massive tear (6.34 years).

They also assert that the prevalence of hypertension in patients with rotator cuff tear is significantly higher than that in controls.

These results were not influenced by the age of the patient.

The reason for this association is unknown, but the authors suggest that it may be due to ischemia of the cuff that is not corrected by antihypertensive medications.

Both of these conditions often require management. One might suspect that the presence of hypertension might increase the risk of failure of cuff repair, but this is not demonstrated in this study.

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