Friday, April 26, 2013

throwing batting practice over five years after a ream and run

We are always grateful for long term follow up after the ream and run procedure.
Here is the preop film of a man in his mid forties who came from California for us to perform a ream and run procedure on his right shoulder.
Here is a post op film four years later showing the soft tissue space that has regenerated between his humeral head prosthesis and his glenoid bone.
He had us do a left shoulder in late 2010.
In September 2012 he completed the Tough Mudder course with no issues:  "It’s an 11.5 mile run/obstacle course at altitude, wouldn’t have been able to do that pre-replacement.  Happy to report that my shoulders did great!"

Today he kindly sent this video of him throwing batting practice (with its associated hazards). Needless to say, he put a huge effort into rehabilitating his shoulder - it seems to be paying off!

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