Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reverse total shoulder for revision of prior shoulder arthroplasty

Results of 30 reverse shoulder prostheses for revision of failed hemi- or total shoulder arthroplasty

These authors reviewed the clinical and radiological outcomes of 30 reverse shoulder prostheses performed for revision of prior shoulder arthroplasty. The average patient age was 69.5) with a mean follow-up of 36.4 months (range 24–100 months).

17 % (5) were disappointed with the outcome. The complication rate was 26.6 %.

Complications occurred in 8 shoulders (26.6 %) The three intraoperative complications were humeral diaphysis fractures during extraction of the cement through a superolateral approach.

The five postoperative complications were two material disassembly, two dislocations and one postoperative infection.

Comment: failed arthroplasty is the most challenging pathology among the possible indications for reverse total shoulder.

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