Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ream and Run - eight year perspective

Dear Readers 
Here's excerpts from an email I received today from an active gentleman that had a ream and run eight years ago, with his advice on PT.

"I'm 70 now and it was 2005 when I had the surgery done. I never heard of such a thing as Ream and Run....but my right shoulder was bone-to-bone. I told Dr. Matsen I just want to continue playing racquetball until my 70's.
(I started rball in 1974 and didn't want to stop). I did all the physical therapy exactly how they said for me short cuts. In two months he told me to go hit the balls for 20 minutes twice a week and ice afterwards. I did that for 3 months.......started playing rball in a court in games. Although I had walked daily since the surgery I was a weak-puppy in the court. I started doing weights to assist with strengthening
(always finding out if this or that was okay with him). I play rball 3 days a week, at least 2 hours each time. For the last 2 years my team mate and I are gold medalists in doubles rball for Washington State Senior Games.
It is not easy going through the long and drawn-out takes lots of time and work. The end result has been wonderful for me.
There you have clear as I can tell it. The end result of the surgery will be as good as you do PT"

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