Friday, December 13, 2013

Hockey after ream and run

We've had the opportunity to care for quite a number of folks from the other side of the U.S. In some parts of that world hockey is big. A player had bilateral shoulder arthritis that kept him from enjoying his sport as well as his activities of daily living.

He had a ream and run on the left side

Here's a note from him three months afterwards

He returned for a right ream and run.

And a subsequent note five months after his right ream and run.

"Left shoulder is very good at this time and continues to progress slowly but steadily. You were on the money when you said it takes two years for a full recovery. My right shoulder is doing good. It’s sore and stiff at times but getting stronger as the days go by. I was released from PT two weeks ago. I’ve been playing hockey for a little more than a month without any issues. I’ve been lifting weights somewhat regularly. Back, triceps, and biceps workouts don’t really effect either shoulder. Chest and shoulder workouts do effect the right shoulder to a small extent so I’m careful with the exercises.

Can’t express how happy I am with the outcome."


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