Monday, February 17, 2014

Rotator cuff pain does not reflect the size of the tear

Intensity and distribution of shoulder pain in patients with different sized postero-superior rotator cuff tears.

These authors studied 285 patients with postero-superior RCTs. Cuff tear pain distribution principally involved the antero-lateral aspect of the shoulder with extension down the lateral surface of the arm to the elbow. Pain was greater in females (P = .024) and  did not vary with age.

The average pain intensity was 5.5 (range, 0.7-9.3) in patients with small tears, 5.7 (1.3-9.3) in patients with large tears, and 4.9 (range, 0.0-10.0) in those with massive tears. Pain intensity was significantly less in massive tears (P < .05).

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