Monday, March 17, 2014

Patient safety in the operating room.

How to Build a Safe and Quality Orthopaedic OR Team in 2014: A Tool Kit to Improve Surgical Outcomes for Your Patients

This was the topic of an instructional course lecture at this year's AAOS meeting. The theme is that surgical safety is essential to provision of optimal orthopaedic care in all orthopaedic settings. 

The authors presented six critical elements of surgical safety based upon analysis of surgical errors: 
1. Surgeon, Surgical Team and Patient Communication, 
2. Surgical Consent, 
3. Surgical Side/Site/Procedure/Level/implant/Patient Confirmation, 
4. Surgical Team Concentration, 
5. Surgical Process Consistency and 
6. Systematic Surgical Data Collection and Analysis.

Comment: we heartily agree.
With respect to #1, we have a beginning of the day huddle with the anesthesiologist, the nurses, and the members of the surgical team to review each case, including all special medical and surgical issues as well as the need for instruments, intraoperative monitoring, recovery and discharge planning.
With respect to #2, we endeavor to provide patients with detailed explanations of the condition being treated, the alternatives in management, and the major risks
With respect to #3, we have multiple 'check points' to assure the patient's identity, side and site, and procedure.
With respect to #4, we do not allow distracting music or conversation about other matters during the course of surgery.
With respect to #5, we have standardized our plans of care for each procedure
With respect to #6, we carefully review any/all deviations from the expected post-operative course.

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