Monday, June 16, 2014

Ream and run for severe shoulder arthritis and Walch B2 glenoid -2.5 year followup

Here are the x-rays of a man in the mid forties with severe arthritis after a prior surgical repair for anterior instability many years ago. We refer to this condition as capsulorrhaphy arthropathy. On presentation to us he had very little shoulder motion and a Simple Shoulder Test of 6 out of 12.
On the AP view, note the complete obliteration of the joint space.

 On the axillary view, not the almost complete posterior subluxation of the deformed humeral head on the deformed glenoid.
He requested a ream and run procedure which we performed over two and a half years ago. He worked very hard at his rehabilitation exercises.

Today we saw him for follow-up. He reported he was back to full activities and had a Simple Shoulder Test score of 12 out of 12.

His x-rays show excellent position of his humeral prosthesis, a nicely concave glenoid, and a stable shoulder. Note the use of the anteriorly eccentric head which can be seen on the axillary view. Note also the absence of a plastic socket and the absence of bone cement. 


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