Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Failed total shoulder - loose glenoid - revision.

A lady in her 70s presented with pain and stiffness after a total shoulder performed elsewhere two years previously. She had no comfortable motion in her shoulder and was unable to perform any of the twelve functions of the Simple Shoulder Test. She had been told that she had a 'frozen' shoulder.
Our standard radiographs are shown below. The glenoid component is obviously loose, displaced from the bone, and sitting below and behind the humeral head.

We treated this shoulder with glenoid component removal, smoothing of the residual glenoid bone, soft tissue balancing and humeral head exchange.

Four months after surgery she reported the ability to perform seven of the twelve Simple Shoulder Test functions with no shoulder discomfort. She's back to caring for her 200 Bonzai trees. Her radiographs look like this today. Note the filling in of her glenoid defect.