Thursday, September 25, 2014

Use of a ream and run to manage the bad arthritic triad without changing glenoid version.

Here's a brief report of a case from this week's OR. A large, strong, man in his mid sixties presented to the office requesting a ream and run for his arthritic shoulder.

His preoperative films showed synovial chondromatosis
and a retroverted, biconcave glenoid with posterior humeral subluxation on the glenoid face (= the bad arthritic triad).

 His ream and run procedure included the use of a rotator interval plication and an anteriorly eccentric humeral head.

Note that his humeral head was centered even though his glenoid version was not changed.

He was discharged on his second postop day with a comfortable 150 degrees of assisted elevation.

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