Friday, February 27, 2015

Ream and run: rehabilitation tips from the super stars #13 and 14

We've invited some of the folks who have done a great job of their rehabilitation after a ream and run to share their tips.

Here's #13

In terms of various shoulder replacement choices, like automobiles... I tend to think of Ream and Run as the premium, heavy-duty, long lasting, high performance model. As I look back now, coming for Ream and Run was one of the best decisions I've ever made. After initial surgery the outcome is very much dependent upon the patient. Any potential candidate must have the proper mindset ahead of time. You really have to 'earn' a successful result. An excellent recovery is not a given, nor is it fast and easy. For anyone considering Ream and Run, rehabilitation takes a stern commitment, dogged perseverance, and enormous patience. Stretch, stretch, and stretch some more. Latch on to a really good physical therapist. Strengthen gradually but prudently and then stay on a conscientious maintenance program. Fortunately, these days whether playing handball, body surfing, doing push-ups, or starting to do pull-ups's all been well worth it.


and #14

Happy to send along a few thoughts on outcome of my shoulder(ream and run) surgery. Throughout the process I was struck with the notion that I was being cared for by a team of providers that worked closely with each other and communicated frequently about my surgery and recovery. I was diligent about the physical therapy and was impressed with the two therapist that I meet with twice weekly. What helped me through the process(aside from being a bit compulsive) was the post op physical therapy routine. One can't imagine how difficult it is to hold a position for a three minute stretch for 3 to 6 reps only to find out that you have more than one stretch to do at each session(recommended three times daily). What finally really worked for me was to take the pain meds 30 minutes before each stretching session. While the sessions were still painful( and I think I have a fairly high pain tolerance) the meds allowed me to push myself farther than I would have without the pain medication. This and the discovery that my new phone had a timer i could set and watch as the seconds slowly approached the 3 minute mark.

I with be forever thankful for the improvement in my quality of sleep and enjoyment of physical activities.



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