Monday, May 11, 2015

Rehabilitation after a ream and run - recent email from a patient

While I was away from the office I received this email from a patient from Florida who came to Seattle for a ream and run:

Hello Dr.,
I had the staples removed yesterday and my Doc actually used my shoulder to train two cute nurses on use of the staple removal tool .  Win-Win for everyone there!  Dr. R. was very impressed with my progress, especially when I showed him my ability to get my arm over my head laying down on the examination bench.  My doctor said I made 160* rotation and that was with very little warm up.   He asked me twice if my surgery was only two weeks ago!
I do need some direction on where I should be at with the exercises on your blog.  Right now, I'm only doing A, B and C.
When do I start this one:
From this page, at two weeks and two days post-op, what exercises, by letter, should I be doing?
Kind regards,


Before I could get back to him, I received a second email

Hello Dr. ,
Please disregard my question below.  I found the right page on your website showing Phase 1 and Phase 2 stretching and exercises (link here).  I'm really glad you have this all written down for me!


It's nice to see that the material is being found and to hear back from a well-motivated patient.

For interest, this shoulder had a severely posteriorly subluxated humeral head

 that responded nicely to reconstruction with a ream and run.

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