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"Impingement syndrome" (also known as an unspecified disorder of the shoulder tendons and bursae) in the military.

Shoulder impingement in the United States military.

These authors queried the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database was queried for all shoulder impingement injuries using International Classification of Disease, Ninth Addition, Clinical Modification code 726.10 within a 10-year period from 1999 through 2008.

In an at-risk population of 13,768,534 person-years, they identified 106,940 cases of shoulder impingement resulting in an incidence of 7.77/1000 person-years in the U.S. military. 

The incidence of shoulder impingement increased with age, male sex, in service members branches of the service other than the Navy (Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps).

Comment: These authors attributed the diagnosis of "impingement syndrome" to those shoulders in the database with ICD-9-CM code 726.10. which is the code for "unspecified disorders of shoulder tendons and bursae. The code book lists the below as 'disease synonyms'. 

Biceps tendinitis
Bilat rotator cuff syndrome
Bilat shoulder bursa disorder
Bilateral rotator cuff syndrome
Bilateral shoulder bursa disorder
Bilateral supraspinatus tendinitis
Bursitis of bilat shoulders
Bursitis of bilateral shoulders
Bursitis of L shoulder
Bursitis of left shoulder
Bursitis of R shoulder
Bursitis of right shoulder
Bursitis of shoulder
Bursitis of shoulder region
Contracture of tendon of shoulder region
Disorder of bursa of shoulder region
Disorder of rotator cuff
Disorder of shoulder bursa
Disorder of tendon of left shoulder
Disorder of tendon of right shoulder
Disorder of tendon of shoulder region
Enthesopathy of bilat shoulders
Enthesopathy of bilateral shoulders
Enthesopathy of left shoulder
Enthesopathy of right shoulder
Enthesopathy of shoulder
Enthesopathy of shoulder region
Infraspinatus tendinitis
Injury of tendon of the rotator cuff of shoulder
L rotator cuff syndrome
Left rotator cuff syndrome
Left shoulder bursa disorder
Left supraspinatus tendinitis
R rotator cuff syndrome
Right rotator cuff syndrome
Right shoulder bursa disorder
Right supraspinatus tendinitis
Rotator cuff impingement syndrome
Rotator cuff syndrome
Shoulder bursa disorder
Shoulder tendinitis
Supraspinatus syndrome
Supraspinatus syndrome (shoulder condition)
Supraspinatus tendinitis
Supraspinitus tear
Tendinitis AND/OR tenosynovitis of the shoulder region
Tendinitis of bilat shoulders
Tendinitis of bilat supraspinatus tendons
Tendinitis of bilateral shoulders
Tendinitis of bilateral supraspinatus tendons
Tendinitis of left shoulder
Tendinitis of left supraspinatus tendon
Tendinitis of right shoulder
Tendinitis of right supraspinatus tendon
Tendinitis of shoulder
Tendonitis of shoulder
Tendonitis of supraspinatus
Unspecified tendon disorder of L shoulder
Unspecified tendon disorder of left shoulder
Unspecified tendon disorder of R shoulder
Unspecified tendon disorder of right shoulder
Unspecified tendon disorder of shoulder
Applies To

Rotator cuff syndrome NOS
Supraspinatus syndrome NOS

As we've pointed out here and here, it is no longer practical to use the term 'impingement syndrome' as a diagnosis in that it does not tell us what is going on with the shoulder.


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