Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Resection arthroplasty - a salvage procedure - a study with 50% lost to followup

Functional outcomes after shoulder resection: the patient's perspective.

These authors present followup on 7 of 14 patients having resection arthroplasty for the treatment of failed arthroplasty.

Five of the 7 patients reported satisfaction with their resection arthroplasty, and 6 of the 7 patients would undergo the procedure again if given the choice.

Comment: From this study with 50% of the patients lost to followup, it is difficult to determine the effectiveness of this procedure. We have posted before on this procedure here and here. It is of note that most of the patients having this procedure had it to manage a periprosthetic infection. 

We very rarely use either resection or spacers in the management of Propionibacterium or coagulase negative Staph infections of the shoulder, relying instead on debridement and single stage conversion to a hemiarthroplasty fixed with impaction allografting and intravenous and topic antibiotic therapy. However, the management of the infected arthroplasty requires a high level of individualization of the treatment considering the bacteria, the quality of bone, the stability of the joint, and the desires of the patient.