Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Total shoulder for anchor arthropathy

Suture anchors are often used in shoulder surgery.  There is a problem, however, when they are placed on the articular surface. Here is a case where a patient had a repair of a 'labral tear' with three suture anchors. The patient came to us with severe shoulder pain and limited motion, requesting a total shoulder arthroplasty. The preoperative films are shown below. They suggest that the suture anchors on the glenoid may be prominent.

At surgery, all three metallic anchors were protruding from the glenoid surface and excoriating the humeral articular surface. They were removed using the 'doodle-bug' technique. 

Postoperative films after the total shoulder are shown below.

Comment: It is important for the shoulder arthroscopist to assure that anchors are not placed on the articular surface and that they are well buried so that there is no chance that they rub on the humeral articular surface producing anchor arthropathy.


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