Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ream and run for the B2 glenoid - 4 year followup

The AP radiograph of this 50 year old man appears to show 'mild' arthritis. But he had an SST score of only 5 out of 12.

However, the 'truth' view, shows a posteriorly subluxated humeral head in bone on bone contact with. a biconcave B2 retroverted glenoid.

He elected a ream and run procedure because of his active lifestyle. At four years of active use of his shoulder, his x-rays are as shown below. The humeral head is nicely centered in a single glenoid concavity in both views.

There is no evidence of glenoid wear at four years after the procedure. At that followup his SST score  had improved from 5 out of 12 to 12 out of 12.

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