Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ream and Run - x-rays at 4+ years in a swimmer

Here are the preoperative x-ray of an active swimmer who had a ream and run in 2011

The 6 week postoperative x-ray is shown here. Note that the bone at the glenoid surface as yet to consolidate.

This is the 6 month film showing nice consolidation of the glenoid bone and the fibrocartilageonous space between the prosthetic head and the glenoid bone.

A video of this man's swimming at 7 months after surgery is shown in this link.

Here is the film at one year

Here is the film at two years

And here is the film at four years

Be sure to visit "Ream and Run - the state of the art"  regarding this radically conservative approach to shoulder arthritis at this link.