Friday, January 15, 2016

Ream and run - a long term clinical and x-ray followup

We often have the pleasure of seeing our ream and run patients back in the office a long time after their surgery.

Below are the films of a man who had his surgery six years ago and just 'dropped by' to give us some followup. He was able to perform all 12 functions of the Simple Shoulder Test and said he feels his shoulder is 'normal'. Here is his preoperative AP view

Here is his immediate postoperative AP view

Here is his AP x-ray at 2 years

And here is is AP x-ray at 6 years.

Note the dark crescent between the metal ball of the humeral head component and the bone of the glenoid socket - this is the space into which fibrocartilage has grown. This shoulder is in a nice equilibrium, both with respect to the humeral side (secure fixation with impaction grafting without stress shielding) and the glenoid side (regenerated fibrocartilage and even bone density beneath the joint surface with no evidence of wear). The long term outlook for this shoulder is excellent.


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