Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Shoulder joint replacement without cement, plastic, CT scan, PSI, ingrowth prostheses or nerve block

Yesterday was a ream and run kind of day in the OR: four different pathologies in four different patients from four different states, all of which desired to avoid the potential risks and limitations associated with the plastic socket used in a conventional total shoulder. Two were 'returns'  having had a previous ream and run on the opposite side.  All were managed with the ream and run procedure without preoperative CT scans or patient specific instrumentation. General anesthesia was used to avoid the risks of nerve blocks. Humeral fixation was achieved using impaction auto grafting (see this link), avoiding the risks of cement or bony ingrowth. Conservative glenoid reaming was carried out just sufficient to achieve a single glenoid concavity.
This morning all have passive elevation of 150 degrees. 





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