Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ream and run - back to pursuit of the elusive redfish!

Earlier this year we had an opportunity to meet an active sportsman in his late fifties. He answered 'yes' to only 5 of the 12 questions on the Simple Shoulder Test (SST)* for his left shoulder.
His preoperative radiographs are shown below.

Because of his active lifestyle, he elected a ream and run procedure rather than a total shoulder. 

At 6 months after surgery he reported that he could perform all 12 of the SST functions. His films at 6 months after surgery are shown below. Note the regenerated joint space between the prosthetic humeral head and his reamed glenoid bone.

Today we received this email "This is a Louisiana redfish being hoisted with my beautifully repaired shoulder!"

This is even more impressive than a 'yes' answer to SST question 7!

*SST questions