Friday, April 28, 2017

Complications of reverse total shoulder arthroplasty

Prevalence of Early Minor and Major Complications After Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty According to the Pathology in Treatment and Comorbidities: A Multicenter Study

These authors assessed the prevalence of early minor and major complications of reverse shoulder arthroplasty in 75 shoulders operated between August 2009 and September 2015.

Revision surgeries and patients with less than 2 months of follow-up were excluded leaving 72 shoulders. The indication for surgery was cuff tear arthropathy in 56.9% of cases and proximal humeral 4-part fractures in 13.8%.

Minor complications were found in 14 patients (19.4%) and major complications in 29 patients (40.3%).

Example: prosthetic fracture at 10 months after the reverse

Example: dissociation of the glenosphere from the base plate 

Comment: This article shows a high rate of complications. It is unclear how many surgeons were involved in this relatively small series or what the level of experience of the surgeons might have been. Of particular concern was the high incidence of neuropraxias in this series. In any event, this paper shows that complications are not infrequent after reverse total shoulder arthroplasty.


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