Sunday, July 16, 2017

Total shoulder arthroplasty for severe deformity

A 69 women presented with a rheumatoid arthritis, a history of long term steroid use, a painful stiff shoulder and these x-rays

She requested a total shoulder arthroplasty and had an excellent clinical result. Post operative films are shown below.

She then returned asking for 'the same' procedure on her right shoulder.

She could not be interested in a reverse total shoulder, even after extensive counseling about the severity of her pathoanatomy.

With some conservative sculpting of her glenoid, we were able to establish a secure, appropriately contoured glenoid bone surface onto which a standard glenoid component was secured. Sufficient glenoid bone stock remains for a reverse total shoulder should this reconstruction fail in the future.

Her postoperative x-rays are shown below.

Both shoulders are now comfortable and functional. We are following her recovery closely.

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