Monday, January 22, 2018

Conservative surgery for rotator cuff tear - return to white water kayaking

We have found that many patients with chronic rotator cuff tears have inadequate tissue for a robust repair. In these cases, we often consider a smooth and move surgery (see this link). This surgery requires no postoperative limitations, allowing the patient to return to activities as tolerated soon after surgery.

An example is a 65 year old avid kayaker, who also enjoys cross fit and rock climbing. He had a five year history of progressive pain on use of his right shoulder.

At surgery we found abundant scar in the humeroscapular motion interface. The supraspinatus was absent. The infraspinatus was absent. The subscapularis was intact. The biceps tendon was intact. The undersurface of the acromion was smooth.

This seems to have worked out well for him in that he was able to return to white water kayaking seven weeks later.

"I just wanted to let you know how well I am doing since the smooth and move the team performed on my LEFT shoulder Dec 12, 2017 - a bit over a month ago. I am back in my kayak with less soreness and more strength every day. At this rate I expect to be nearly 100% within a month. I do not have a photo of myself in the boat during this recovery, but I did attach a photo from 2016, 7 weeks after the team performed a smooth and move on my RIGHT shoulder. I seem to be on a similar path this time."

It is of interest to read a note he sent before his left sided surgery: "I have little expectation that the rotator cuff defects on the left side can be fully and lastingly repaired, and I am concerned about the prolonged period of inactivity and subsequent rehabilitation that a repair would entail. Based on how well my right shoulder has done since the smooth and move procedure performed by 14 months ago, would like to have the procedure on the left side."

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