Saturday, March 24, 2018

Simple shoulder exercises = the road to recovery

Many shoulder problems will respond to a gentle, safe and slowly progressive exercise program that starts with a focus on range of motion and then progressively adds strengthening as comfort allows. Our rehabilitation program is intentionally quite simple and uses minimal equipment. This avoids confusion and enables our patients to perform them just about anywhere. We often use these exercises for the non-operative management of various shoulder conditions as well as in preparation for surgery and in different stages of post-surgical rehabilitation.

The exercises are shown here for illustrative purposes only. Be sure to consult your treating physician to see what exercises may be appropriate for your shoulder.

For stretching exercises, be sure to hold the stretch for a full two minutes.

*Exercises to help gain passive elevation of the arm.

    A. Forward Elevation: Supine

*Exercises to stretch the posterior shoulder

    D. Cross Body Adduction
    E. Internal Rotation Up Back 
    F. Internal Rotation Lying On Your Side 

*Exercise to stretch the shoulder out to the side

    G. Abduction stretching - the sideways lean

*Exercise to build strength of the shoulder

    H. Supine Press with Progressive Incline 
    I.  Activating deltoid by controlled descent with pulley

*Traction exercises

   J. Rowing Machine Exercise
   K. Pull Down Bar Exercise 
   L. Weighted Arm Swing

* Cautions about exercises after joint replacement