Thursday, March 19, 2020

Ream and run - 9 year followup in a handball player

Nine years ago we met a doctor who had pain in his left shoulder. Even though he had 10/12 functions of his SST

He desired to proceed with a ream and run because he could not enjoy his sport of handball.
His preoperative films are shown below

His axillary "truth" view showed joint space narrowing that was not evident on the AP view.

He has returned to full action on the the handball court. His 9 year post operative films are shown here, showing a well-fixed thin impaction grafted smooth stem

 and a stable regenerated joint surface on the axillary with no evidence of glenoid bone wear.

Three years ago he had a ream and run performed on his right shoulder. The 3year followup films are shown below.

He now gives each shoulder a SST score of 12 out of 12 and continues to enjoy handball.

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