Friday, September 11, 2020

Failed total shoulder - is arthroscopy useful?

Arthroscopic Evaluation and Treatment of Complications That Arise Following Prosthetic Shoulder Arthroplasty

These authors review the application of arthroscopy in evaluating unsatisfactory shoulder arthroplasties.

Perhaps the principal potential utility of arthroscopy is in the shoulder that is painful without obvious explanation. In this situation, 

(1) multiple (ideally 5) tissue samples can be harvested for Cutibacterium cultures (14 days observation, aerobic and anaerobic media)

(2) the status of the glenoid can be assessed for wear or loosening

(3) capsular contractors and adhesions can be released

(4) the integrity of the rotator cuff and subscapularis can be assessed.

However, post arthroplasty arthroscopy can be technically difficult, especially if the shoulder is tight. 

Our approach to total shoulder arthroplasty is shown in this link.


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