Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ream and Run for Shoulder Arthritis - patients under 55 years - research foundation 7

It is well known that patients with shoulder arthritis who are 55 years of age or younger have special challenges related to their activity levels, their expected longevity, and their more complex forms of arthritis. Shoulder fellows Saltzman and Mercer investigated our results with the ream and run procedure in patients in this younger age group. Among 65 shoulders, nine required revision surgery. These had had an average of 3 surgeries on their shoulder prior to the ream and run, in contrast to the 56 unrevised shoulders which had had an average of 1 prior surgery. For the 56 unrevised surgery the Simple Shoulder Test functions that could be performed improved from a mean of 4 before surgery to a mean of 9.5 at an average of 43 months after surgery (p<.001). The results are shown in more detail below.


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