Friday, November 11, 2011

Reverse total shoulder - frequently asked questions

Dear Readers
I often get excellent questions regarding different shoulder procedures. Because these questions are well thought out, I'm taking the opportunity to share them and my answers with you. To protect the individual's identity, I've removed some of the detials.

Dr. Matsen,

I am a 70yr old semi-retired tennis coach. I had arthroscopic rotator cuff repair which I retore in less than a year later.  I have limited range, its like a rusty hinge, I cannot serve and playing is out of the question in the present state. Dr. XX., who did the arthro surgery referred me to Dr. YY. Dr. YY examined me and recommended reverse shoulder replacement. My question is I am I a candidate for a ream and run and if so will I be able to play tennis?
Thank so much.

My response

Dear Coach
Please check out
Activities such as tennis are not recommended after this procedure because of the risk of fatigue failure of the screws.
On the other hand, other procedures may be useful in situations of arthritis and cuff tears, such as a CTA arthroplasty.



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