Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shoulder Arthritis and rotator cuff tears: causes of shoulder pain around the world

Dear Readers

This seems an appropriate time to reflect on this past blogging year. From its start in March of 2011 this blog has reached a readership of almost 8000 pageviews per day by individuals from around the world. We have tried to keep track of the many countries from which you all come and updated the post from October to reflect the list.
While we have remained fast to the original intent: "to be a living, dynamic resource dedicated to all those interested in shoulder arthritis", events have led us into other areas, such as rotator cuff disease, shoulder afflictions of well known individuals, effects of medications, infections, pain management, and ethics. Our course is strongly affected by the individuals we are privileged to meet in our shoulder practice, many of whom have generously allowed us to share with you their stories of surgery and recovery. When thoughtful comments are made on Facebook or Twitter, we try to build a responsive blog post that is equally thoughtful. We continue to strive for a critical analysis of the published literature, to dissect out conflicts of interest, and to distill the evidence on which we can base the future understanding, prevention, diagnosis and management of shoulder conditions. 

Thank you to all of you who have helped direct our efforts. Hopefully this dynamic exchange will make a contribution to the shoulder health of generations to come.


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