Friday, April 26, 2013

shoulder arthritis and rotator cuff tears - blog at 2 years and 200,000 pageviews

Greetings readers.

This blog is now two years old and has passed the 200,000 page view milestone.

It is intended to be a living, dynamic resource dedicated to all those interested in shoulder arthritis and cuff tears. It will provide basic information on shoulder arthritis and it will provide updates on recent important published articles related to the topic of shoulder arthritis and rotator cuff tears. In terms of disclosure, it is important to note that we have no relationships with any manufacturers of any orthopaedic products and endeavor to provide an unbiased view of the published evidence along with illustrative cases from our own practice. 

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You should be aware of our colleagues at the Arthritis Foundation who do so much to support individuals who live with arthritis!

Steve Lippitt, my good friend in Akron, has provided the art work for almost all the figures in this blog, including the one at the bottom indicating (cleverly) the safe side and the 'suicide' for shoulder surgery.

Best wishes and thanks for your visit
rick matsen