Thursday, December 19, 2013

Suture bridge for rotator cuff repair: "Cuff integrity after repair did not affect clinical results"

Clinical and radiological evaluation after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair using suture bridge technique.

The authors assessed the clinical outcomes and risk factors influencing the outcome of  arthroscopic suture bridge repair technique for rotator cuff tear in sixty-two cases of full-thickness rotator cuff tear were treated with arthroscopic suture bridge repair technique.

Patient age averaged 56 years; followup averaged 27.4 months. 

50% of the repairs showed retear on magnetic resonance orthography.

Retear was significantly more frequent in over 60 years age group (62.5%) than under 60 years age group (39.5%) and also in medium to large-sized tear than small-sized tear. 

While active motion and outcome scores were improved, the clinical outcome did not differ significantly between the groups with retear and intact repairs. The locations of retear were insertion site in 10 cases and the musculotendinous junction in 20 cases.

The authors summarize, "Cuff integrity after repair did not affect clinical results. Age of over 60 years and size of cuff tear larger than 1 cm were factors influencing rotator cuff retear after arthroscopic suture bridge repair technique."

Comment: these results are similar to many prior studies (enter "retear" in the search box at right), and suggest that the results of 'rotator cuff surgery' may not be related to the anatomical success of 'rotator cuff repair'.

This observation needs to be considered in deciding what type of rotator cuff surgery is best for each patient.


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