Saturday, April 12, 2014

Failed shoulder arthroplasty

The evaluation of the failed shoulder arthroplasty.

The authors begin this article by stating "A recent study reported a 22.6% overall complication rate for anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty, with 11.2% of cases requiring revision."  This is an eye catching statistic for a procedure viewed by many as the 'gold-standard' treatment for shoulder arthritis.

They review the presentation and wide range of factors that may contribute to the failure of this procedure to meet the expectations of the patient and the surgeon.

Comment: We have learned a lot recently about factors related to arthroplasty failure, including
( ) Failure of the glenoid component
( ) Low grade infection with Propionibacterium
( ) The overall health of the patient
( ) The experience of the surgeon
( ) The glenohumeral pathoanatomy

Our approach to the failed arthroplasty is described here.

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