Monday, April 14, 2014

Is the anatomy of the glenoid vault abnormal in shoulders with arthritis?

Is premorbid glenoid anatomy altered in patients with glenohumeral osteoarthritis?

These authors sought to determine whether the glenoid vault had different anatomical orientation in arthritic than in normal shoulders.

They obtained bilateral CT scans in in 27 patients with unilateral glenohumeral osteoarthritis. Thirty normal cadaver control shoulders also underwent CT scans. 

Arthritic shoulders had an average of 16 ± 11 degrees of retroversion as compared to 7 ± 5 on the contralateral side and 7 ± 4 for control cadavers. However, the glenoid vault anatomy for pathologic shoulders was similar to that for non-arthritic shoulders.

Comment: While these observations are interesting, surgeons are required to manage the great range of glenoid anatomy encountered in surgical reconstruction, which is demonstrated here. The surgical technique is about managing the glenoid surface anatomy.


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