Friday, July 18, 2014

One year followup: Ream and run for B2 glenoid (the Bad Arthritic Triad)

Email received today from a Californian in his mid forties:

"I can only explain how my shoulder is doing now by comparing it to the start of my journey.   Before we met and before the ream and run surgery; I could be simply walking and with a swing of the arm be brought down almost to my knees by shooting pain resonating from my shoulder.  This pain was never consistent and I never knew when or where it would strike.  I could not lift my arm above horizontal and would receive immense amount of pain when attempting to push past this point.  For years I dealt with this issue and considered my life being immobilized and in fear of the next random occurrence.

 I am very pleased to say that I have been pain free of normal activities since roughly the six month mark.  I returned to playing softball and at first was hesitant to swing the bat hard and continue with a full follow through.  It's been a full year almost to the day and I can say that my home run hitting power is back!  I have no worries and swing as hard as I possibly can with nary a thought to my repaired shoulder.  I am still working on the flexibility and have yet to obtain 100% mobility but I attempt to get closer with my daily stretches and exercises.  I've lost roughly 45 pounds and I am in much better shape than before.  I expect to learn kite boarding within the month and that would not have even crossed my mind last year.  I am thankful I went through with the the surgery and I am especially thankful that you were available.

Here are the preoperative films showing the B2 glenoid with posterior humeral subluxation and glenoid retroversion:

And the immediate postoperative films showing humeral head centering in the glenoid without change in glenoid version. Note this surgery included the use of an eccentric humeral head and a rotator interval plication.


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