Friday, February 20, 2015

Ream and run: rehabilitation tips from the super stars #2

We've invited some of the folks who have done a great job of their rehabilitation after a ream and run to share their tips.

Here's #2:

Keys to recovery:
1. Follow the doctors orders following surgery, even when movement and range of motion exercises hurt, and they will be painful. Just embrace this as a reality for several weeks. Don't be lazy or wimp out from the pain as it will hurt. But, but realize the range of motion you strive and fight for post surgery will be what you live with for the active balance of your life activities.

2. Use pain medication as prescribed so you can do your exercises, and if you need assistance, use the PT staff at the clinic to push you to do your exercises.

3. Proper rest, nutrition, and positive lifestyle choices are important for your body to heal, and frankly for quality of health going forward.

4. As the pain of movement goes away and once given clearance by the doctor, USE your arms and be active. I do strength training three days per week, jog on the off days, and water or snow ski. I play ball with my kids and throw. Yes, I warm up the shoulders a bit before, but the replacement parts work fine and the nature of the ream and run procedures is based on the body regenerating any wear on the glenoid side of the joints. So, use them and keep moving or else they get stiff!

That's my advice:-)


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