Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ream and run: rehabilitation tips from the super stars #4 and 5

We've invited some of the folks who have done a great job of their rehabilitation after a ream and run to share their tips.

Here's #4, football coach:

My right shoulder that was replaced is unbelievable. I have full range of motion and can throw a football again with no limitations. I feel that the rehab of continuous motion and stretching as soon as possible after the surgery helped me the most. The key was staying on my pain medication, having aggressive athletic trainers and the rehab specialist that you provided me. They did an awesome job getting my shoulder back. You must fight through the pain in order to get the benefits of the new joint.

I have more range of motion now than I ever had.


#5, construction worker:

Post surgery therapy regiment and regular checkups. I currently have full range of motion and am able to do normal activities along with my career in construction. I have to stop myself and remember that I even had surgery. I would recommend this to anyone who needs it and wish I hadn't waited so long.


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