Monday, February 23, 2015

Ream and run: rehabilitation tips from the super stars #6 and 7

We've invited some of the folks who have done a great job of their rehabilitation after a ream and run to share their tips.

Here's #6
If I were to do it all again, my rehab regiment would be slightly modified: I would have first concentrated on flexibility and later focus on strength training. Because of 25 plus years of lifting weights, it was easy to put a rehab plan based on exercises I was used to performing. I could also "gauge" my progress knowing what I used to lift. However, I realized that early in the recovery process it is more important to focus on exercises that help regain flexibility such as sleeper stretches, internal and external rotation motions, etc. The consequences of such a program caused an 80% regain of flexibility in certain movements. When I lift weights today, I have regained 75% of my overall strength and in some exercises such as shoulders & arms nearly 95%. There are certain exercises where hardly any strength has been recovered such as reverse curls (prior to surgery 120lbs - post surgery 40lbs). I also continue to experience shoulder soreness and stiffness after a workout or long periods of drumming. I remedy this by taking Meloxicam for 2 days or so to relieve the soreness.

Overall, I believe this surgery was the right choice for me.


 Last week I was hitting overhead on the tennis court with my bionic shoulder. You may remember I have two knee replacements as well. I am puzzled with while I am so lucky but somehow I believe that attitude has a lot to due with it. I think you have to not be afraid to want more out of life and if you approach these challenges from that perspective it seem to go more smoothly.

One other thought, I had my first knee surgery when I was 16 and had a good deal of pain and uncomfortableness in my early years. I think these early challenges hone your attitude and help to drive a sense that I have control over the outcome...


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