Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Returning to rock climbing after a ream and run for a B2 glenoid - repost

With apologies.
Apparently the video on the original post did not play, so here it is fixed up.

A man in his late 50ies from a couple of states South of here presented able to perform only half of the functions of the Simple Shoulder Test and with these radiographs of his arthritic left shoulder.

Here's his standardized axillary view. No CT scan or 3-D reconstruction was necessary.

His goal was to return to rock climbing after shoulder arthroplasty without having to worry about wearing out a plastic glenoid component. He elected to have a ream and run procedure. Here are his immediate postoperative x-rays showing prosthesis fixation with impaction grafting and the use of an anteriorly eccentric humeral head component that helped center his head on the glenoid. He also had a rotator interval plication.

At three months after surgery he had returned to sport climbing as shown here.

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