Monday, November 16, 2015

Ream and Run for the Bad Arthritic Triad - 6 year anniversary

Many of our ream and run patients are kind enough to provide us with annual reports of their ongoing progress. Here is the six year report from a man who had a ream and run for the Bad Arthritic Triad (biconcavity, retroversion and posterior subluxation)

Post op flims at 3 months

His function several years ago is shown as the last patient in this video

Here's the report on his 6th Year Anniversary

Well after six years, I still feel my shoulder is getting stronger every year.  I feel no “wear” or joint deterioration at all in my shoulder and do not expect any.  My shoulder is only 6 years old so why should I?  
Previously on anniversaries I have tried to target a new achievement I could pursue.  This year I decided target a couple of things I had already done in the past to see if I can do better now to support my claim that a “ream and run” shoulder should continue to get stronger if the patient is persistent in staying in shape.  So today I did 30 pull-ups and recently threw a football 35 yards.  That beats my old numbers of 25 pull-ups (last year) and 30 yards (4 years ago) so hopefully that will give your other patients hope that they too should expect their new shoulders to keep going and going.

Here was his 5th Year Anniversary update:

November 16, 2015 will mark the 5th anniversary of my “ream and run” surgery on my left shoulder. As a quick review, I am left-handed and for 15 years my shoulder got worse and worse with the last 10 years being so bad I could no longer do much of anything left handed. Even combing my hair required me to hold my left elbow with my right hand in order to direct my left arm. I was resigned to just keeping my left hand in my pocket most of the time.

During the 15 year period of my shoulder getting worse and worse, I did a lot of internet research and met with a handful of doctors. I had a couple of appointments to discuss shoulder replacement surgery. Technology may have improved but I was told while my range of motion would be greatly improved with full shoulder replacement surgery, sports were not recommended as the artificial joint connected to your Glenoid joint would eventually wear out and can potentially dislocate. When I mentioned I wanted to be able to do pull-ups, both doctors I met with remarked that the pull-up exercise was the number one movement to avoid (major concern about dislocation). Therefore to commemorate my 5th anniversary of “ream and run”, I did 25 pull-ups and then did 75 push-ups.


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