Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Early recovery of motion after a ream and run for severe arthritic decentering

Here are the x-rays of a 40 year old with capsulorrhaphy arhtropathy.

His 'truth view' shows severe posterior decentering on a B2 glenoid.

He did not want to consider a bone graft or a plastic glenoid socket because of his active lifestyle and physically demanding job.

His post ream and run AP is shown here
and his post ream and run axillary here. Note the anteriorly eccentric humeral head. A rotator interval plication was also performed.

By 24 hours after surgery he had regained 140 degrees of assisted elevation.

On the second day, he showed this motion. Note the smooth assisted movement with no concern about posterior instability (video used with permission of the patient).

Here we are at one week.

A great early result, but lots of work left to do.

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