Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What about heavy weight training after a bilateral ream and run?

We've had the chance to work with a wide variety of athletes with severe shoulder arthritis. One example is a highly motivated weight lifter who came to us with a painful stiff left shoulder and these x-rays.

Which he elected to have managed with a ream and run procedure in March of 2015.

In February of 2016 he returned for a right ream and run because of a similar problem 

His x-rays from July 2016 are shown here.

He has been extremely dedicated to his rehab program. This past week he generously gave us permission to show some videos of his most recent workout.

Bent over bar bell row 315 pounds for 8 reps

Bench press 225 pounds for 12 reps

Seated cable rows 285 pounds for 8 reps

Lat pull down 285 pounds for 8 reps

He is enthusiastic about his progress as are we. Stay tuned.


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