Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The B2 glenoid in a young active person

Three months ago a patient in his late thirties presented with a painful stiff shoulder without a prior injury. While his AP view shows only an inferior humeral osteophyte

His 'truth' view axillary, shows posterior decentering and a biconcave glenoid, a "B2" glenoid. No CT needed.

He elected to have a ream and run procedure. At the time of surgery it was necessary to use an anteriorly eccentric humeral head component and a rotator interval plication to re-stabilize his shoulder.  At his three month followup, he had a comfortable shoulder, 165 degrees of assisted elevation. His active elevation is improving at 120 degrees. His AP x-rays are shown below.

His postoperative 'truth' view is shown below, with a humeral head centered in his reamed glenoid.
We are now proceeding with an active strengthening program.
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