Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ream and run and weight training

A 58 year old physically active and highly motivated man presented with pain in the right shoulder that prevented him from doing his usual physical activities. His preoperative SST score was 6/12. His preoperative x-rays are shown below.

He desired a ream and run procedure. An anteriorly eccentric humeral head was used to address intraoperative posterior decentering. His six weeks postoperative films are shown here.

Recently, he sent an email and some videos, " Just wanted to pass along a video I shot today 27 weeks post-op. Everything is going extremely well. I am able to fully  participate in Crossfit and my martial arts training. Pain is minimal and strength is growing continuously. Some background on the pull-ups; I started 6-7 weeks ago, completing 1-2 pull-ups and building the number over time. Currently I can manage 10-12 at a time, but that is a function of strength and not the ability of my shoulder to tolerate the stress.""The R & R has allowed me to reclaim a part of my life that I did not think was salvageable; I am able to participate in the activities that I enjoy and more importantly, everyday activities are virtually pain free."

Here are some of his exercise videos

While many patients will not attain this level of function, especially at 6 months, it is inspirational to see what some highly motivated patients can do at that point.

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