Thursday, December 7, 2017

Shoulder arthritis in Alaska

We have the opportunity to see many patients with shoulder arthritis from Alaska. It's easy to understand that the Alaskan life style and the weather make managing symptoms of arthritis a challenge; it is a privilege to help these individuals get back to their activities in work and recreation.

Some of our recent patients live on small roadless islands in the the Kodiak Archipelago from which they fish commercially in competition with the taquka-aq (Kodiak Bear) - the largest recognized subspecies of brown bear

some live in Fairbanks, where winter temperatures drop to minus 50 degrees or more while they view the northern lights

some prepare salmon on their docks in Juneau 

some find wolves in their back yard

some prepare for the Iditarod in Willow

some Kayak with a cat while inspecting a napping seal at Halibut Cove

some skate on pristine frozen lakes around protruding icebergs near Cordova

some enjoy playing classical music in Juneau
Pretty amazing folks

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