Thursday, October 25, 2018

Shoulder arthritis - what you need to know - on youtube

We have been asked by our readers to present some youtubes on shoulder arthritis and its management.

Here are a few (more to come):

The normal shoulder (link)

Shoulder arthritis (link)

The smooth and move procedure for irreparable cuff tears (link)

Managing shoulder arthritis without surgery (link)

Total shoulder replacement (link)

The ream and run shoulder replacement (link)

Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty with humeral component fixation using impaction grafting, click on this link.

The CTA shoulder replacement (link)

Stretching the shoulder after shoulder replacement (link)

Here are some new youtubes we prepared on total shoulder arthroplasty

First let's take a look at the normal shoulder

Next let's take a look at how the shoulder should be x-rayed to diagnose the problem and to plan the joint replacement.

This next youtube shows how we position the patient and approach the shoulder for joint replacement.

Now let's consider the selection of the humeral component and preparation of the humerus

Here are our thoughts on glenoid component selection.

Here is how we prepare the glenoid bone and insert the glenoid component.

Here are our thoughts on the management of the retroverted glenoid

Here are the final steps in the arthroplasty. 

Here are some thoughts on the rehabilitation of the shoulder. 

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We have a new set of shoulder youtubes about the shoulder, check them out at this link.

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