Monday, August 12, 2019

Shoulder arthritis in a senior athlete - 10 years after a ream and run

An internationally competitive badminton play and gym athlete presented with right shoulder pain and the inability to sleep on the right side, to reach the small of his back, to wash the opposite shoulder,  to put his hand behind his head, to reach overhead, and to throw overhand.

His x-rays showed severe degenerative joint disease with posterior decentering on the axillary truth view.

Because of his active lifestyle he elected to proceed with a ream and run procedure. After an dedicated rehabilitation effort, he was able to return fully to his sport and his gym workouts. He recently returned 10 years after his right shoulder surgery for a left ream and run.

His 10 year postoperative x-rays are posted below, showing a secure impaction-grafted smooth stemmed standard length humeral component that is well centered in the reamed glenoid. Note the preservation of humeral and glenoid bone stock and the absence of any evidence of stress shielding.

He kindly allowed us to show a movie of his right shoulder function at 10 years.


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